Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya Ramadan :)

Ramadan is coming very soon.There's another 3 days to go and InsyaAllah Ramadan will come.Alhamdulillah, everything just getting better and better now. The tears and the pains gradually fade away. Sweet moments slowly appear :) How i wish time could stop and just stay .Btw i hope that this Ramadan will be better than before.I hope that i'm not too excited to just "celebrate" their bazaar and the sound of "meriam". and also the RAMADAN SALE.Ramadan is a month of blessing,month of Allah and it's a holy month. May Allah accept all our prayers in this Ramadan.May Allah's blessings shine always upon you and your love ones.I hope that i'm strong enough to face the challenges during this month.and for sure also,i wish that i can complete this Ramadan.Eventually,i wish you a blessed Ramadan :) Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan :D